Science writing about Astronomy

I am a regular contributor to Reddit, where my “astronomer here!” comments have made me a top 100 commenter, and I have hosted three front page “Ask Me Anything!” events that reached the front page.  It’s pretty amazing to have your thoughts on astronomy reach millions of people!  If you want to know more, check out my subreddit.

Beyond that, I write for science magazines on occasion.  Here are my latest magazine publications:

Freelance science writing

I have been writing articles about astronomy since I began graduate school, which are linked below.  Unfortunately, the Astronomy and Sky & Telescope articles are behind pay walls- please contact me if you want to read a copy.

Discover magazine Yvette Cendes

Discover magazine

When Will it be Game Over for the Universe?” Discover, March 2017

Anomaly From Above,” Discover, June 2015

Ever Dream of Becoming an Astronaut? Now’s Your Chance” Discoverwebsite, December 2015

Scientific American

Didn’t Scientists Already Know where Cosmic Rays Come From?” Scientific American website, September 22, 2017

Stuff Physicists Don’t Understand- Sonoluminescence” Scientific American website, October 14, 2016

Astronomy magazine

Cosmic Firecrackers: The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts,” Astronomy, February 2018 cover article

A big eye on the violent universe,” Astronomy, March 2013 cover article

Untangling the Magnetic Universe,” Astronomy, April 2016

The Weirdest Star in the Universe,” Astronomy, September 2015

The Telescope at the End of the World,” Astronomy, February 2015

Secret Lives of Supermassive Stars,” Astronomy, May 2014

Spacecraft: Where Are They Now?Astronomy, December 2013

Visit Southern California’s Top Astronomy Sites,” Astronomy, December 2011 issue, p. 64.

Visit Northern California’s Top Astronomy Sites,” Astronomy, July 2011 issue, p. 50.

Sky & Telescope magazine Yvette Cendes

Sky & Telescope magazine

Tuning in to Radio Jupiters,” Sky & Telescope, January 2014

Tales from the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory,” Sky & Telescope, January 2013 issue, p. 70.

Scientific publications submitted and accepted

  • RFI Flagging Implications for Short-Duration Transients. Y. Cendes et al., Astronomy & Computing, submitted.
  • The LOFAR Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey (MSSS) I. Survey description and first results. G. H. Heald & 140 authors including Y. Cendes. 2015, A&A, in press. [arxiv: 1509.01257]
  • LOFAR MSSS: Detection of a low-frequency radio transient in 400 hrs of monitoring of the North Celestial Pole. Stewart, A.J. & coauthors including Y. Cendes. 2015, MNRAS, accepted. [arxiv: 1512.00014]
  • The LOFAR Transients Pipeline. Swinbank, John D. & 27 authors including Cendes, Yvette. 2015, Astronomy and Computing, 11, p. 25-48 [arxiv: 1503.01526]
  • LOFAR Observations of Swift J1644+57 and Implications for Short-Duration Transients. Cendes, Y. et al., 2015, A&A, submitted. [arxiv: 1412.3986]
  • New methods to constrain the radio transient rate: results from a survey of four fields with LOFAR. Carbone, D. & 25 authors including Cendes, Y. N. 2015, MNRAS, submitted. [arxiv:

Other articles and Appearances

Is Star Wars allemaal fantasie, of leven er toch ergens Wookiees? (“Is Star Wars all fantasy, or do Wookies exist?”) Interview in English

A South Pole Eye on the Sky,” CWRU Art/Sci Magazine, spring/summer 2014

The Sound of Ideas, 90.3 WCPN- guest on the hour-long show to talk about cosmic rays on April 12, 2010.  It was a great warm-up for the Science Cafe Cleveland my adviser and I hosted that night!

“Searching for Missing Mass“- An article on dark matter for the Journal of Young Investigators.  I wrote quite a few articles for them. See the full archive