Research into Low Frequency Transient Radio Signals

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Research on radio signals in Astronomy


I am currently a PhD candidate in astronomy at the Anton Pannekoek Institute at the University of Amsterdam, where I specialize in radio astronomy.  Specifically I search the sky for transient radio signals, using a radio telescope in the eastern Netherlands called LOFAR.

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Writing about science

When not doing research, I also regularly write freelance articles for various media.  These articles have appeared in magazines such as Astronomy, Discover, and Sky & Telescope.

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Yvette Cendes

Welcome!  My name is Yvette Cendes, and I am a Hungarian-American astronomer living in the Netherlands who is the only person on Earth who has been to Everest Base Camp and punched by a wild mountain gorilla.  Beyond this, however, I engage in a lot of activities, which you can read more about here.

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